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6 Creative Church Advertising Campaigns for the Fall

Is your church ready for the biggest fall event you have yet to have? A lot of wonderful ministry gatherings take place in the fall. So, having the best online advertising is crucial for your community events to succeed. 

Since an increasing number of churchgoers are online, using the internet is becoming vitally important for local churches to grow their audience and ensure their members know their activities and accomplishments in the community. 

Here are six creative ideas for church advertising this fall:

1. Focus on Community Outreach Programs

While there are many different ways to market a church, one of the best ways to reach potential new members is by focusing on the church’s community outreach programs.

By advertising the church’s community outreach programs, you’ll be able to show potential new members that your church is about more than just worship services. Show that it’s about making a difference in the community.

Include a call to action in all your campaigns to invite potential new members to help with church outreach. This can turn interested people into active church members.

2. Promote Youth Programs

As a church, one of the most important things you can do is focus on your youth programs. Doing so can ensure that the next generation of church members is well-rounded and prepared to take on leadership roles.

You can start by creating ads focusing on youth programs’ benefits or using social media to reach out to potential participants.

You can also launch an advertising campaign welcoming individuals to your church as they return to school. This ad reminds congregants that summer is over and it’s time to return to church regularly while also reaching out and inviting new people to your church.

3. Start New Bible Studies or Sermon Series

The fall season is a great time for churches to advertise their Bible study programs. In addition, pastors usually begin the fall season with an exciting new sermon series. Online advertisements are an excellent way to promote recent Bible studies or sermon series while welcoming new people to your church.

4. Highlight a Ministry

This fall, your church may want to promote a strong ministry. This might be your men’s, women’s, or children’s ministry. 

For instance, initiate and promote a parenting support group within your church to strengthen your family ministry. For many parents, the start of school is a difficult time. They may feel overwhelmed and need guidance, understanding, and assistance. 

5. Encourage Connection

As more individuals become dissatisfied with their lives, practically everyone is yearning for a place to connect and belong. Consider doing a fall advertising campaign welcoming everyone in your local community looking for a place to join as your fall small groups begin. Group connection fills a fundamental need in the lives of many people and can be one of the pillars of your church.

6. Push the Overall Mission and Message of Your Church

A church’s fall advertising campaign should focus on its overall mission and message to attract new members and retain existing ones. The campaign should communicate the church’s values, vision, and purpose to potential and current members.

Additionally, the campaign should highlight the unique aspects of the church that make it stand out from other faith communities. By focusing on its overall mission and message, a church can create a powerful and effective advertising campaign to reach a broad audience.


If your church is thinking about running ads this fall but isn’t sure where to start, consider partnering with professionals specializing in church advertising. They can help you create a fall advertising campaign for your church’s fall activities.

By following these tips, you can create ads that draw people in—whether online or onsite—and promote steady church growth.

ChurchCandy can bring your church advertising to the next level, ensuring church growth amid the times. We partner with pastors in growing their church, starting with strategy sessions where you’ll get guidance on the best church growth strategies for you. Contact us today and meet with our highly eager and capable team!

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