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Facebook Ads and Your Church’s Outreach Strategy: A Guide

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There’s no denying that the majority of the world’s population is online. The question for Seventh-day Adventists isn’t whether or not we should have an online presence but rather how we can make our presence more impactful. How can we use the internet more effectively to share the Gospel? This blog post aims to answer that exact question.

Facebook Ads and Your Church’s Outreach Strategy: A Guide

In a nutshell, Facebook ads serve as an additional tool for promoting your church’s outreach strategy. Facebook ads enable you to promote your church’s Website, blog, or a specific page on Facebook to a targeted audience. It is extremely important to note that Facebook ads cost money, and each one is different, so it’s important that you know what you’re getting into before spending your church’s hard-earned money.

How Can Facebook Ads Help My Church’s Outreach Strategy?

Facebook offers options to target a specific audience, allowing you to reach more people in your community. For example, you can target people based on their location, interests, and other connections. This means that you can target high school students from your church if you have one. You could also target young parents who have children. These are all people who have a connection to your church’s outreach strategy.

You can also target people based on their behavior. If you’re trying to reach people on Facebook because of your church’s outreach strategy, then having a Facebook ad that targets people who are most likely to go to church is a solid option.

Finally, you can target people based on their relationship status. For example, if you want people who are married, you can click on the “Relationship” tab and check off “Married.”

It is extremely important to note that Facebook ads are impactful, but they are not free. They cost money, and unless you know exactly what you’re doing, you run the risk of wasting your church’s money.

What Are the Benefits of Facebook Ads or How Do Facebook Ads Benefit My Church’s Outreach Strategy?

One of the benefits of Facebook ads is that you can track everything about your ad. Facebook allows you to see how many people saw your ad (referred to as “impressions”), how many people liked your ad, how many people clicked on your ad, how much money you’ve spent, the median age of your ad’s audience, and more.

One of the best benefits is that you can target an audience based on a specific page, such as your church’s Website, a blog post, or a specific page on Facebook. This means you can target people who are most likely to impact others based on your church’s outreach strategy.

Finally, you can create an ad within minutes. There are different types of ads, such as an ad that promotes your church’s Website or an ad that promotes a specific page on Facebook. You can do this without having to deal with a designer or a marketing expert.


Facebook ads are an effective marketing tool, but they are not free. It’s important to know how to create an ad, target an audience, and track everything about your ad so that you can use it effectively for your church’s outreach strategy. The bottom line is you should not be scared of Facebook ads because it’s a great way to promote your outreach strategy.

If you need help with church digital marketing, contact ChurchCandy. We help pastors grow their church with Facebook ads. Before we start helping you get new visitors to your church, we want to get to know you and let you get to know us. We understand that not every church is a good fit for this program. The strategy session is an opportunity for you to learn more about this process and figure out if this would be a good fit for you and your ministry.

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