Important Reasons Why Your Church Needs Digital Marketing

As with the rest of the globe, the pandemic caused churches to go online. Many churches were unprepared for this change, and several chose not to pivot. Whether your church finds itself as the pandemic subsides, implementing an effective digital marketing strategy can help it bounce back and even grow!


Read on as we further discuss the important reasons your church needs digital marketing.

1. You Need a Social Media Presence

For any church to successfully grow and stay relevant in a digital landscape, they need to have a solid social media presence. This is essential for any digital marketing strategy. Social media is the new digital frontier. 


The internet is a place where most people will first hear about whatever your church is up to. Your church’s social media accounts should regularly be updated, whether daily or monthly.


In addition, you should tell people what’s going on in your church and give them a reason to interact with you on social media. This will also help reach out to those who are not currently in your congregation.

2. You Need a Website to Present Content

If you want people to know about your church, you must have a website! A website is one of the essential parts of any digital marketing strategy. It is where you will present your church’s mission, vision, purpose, and overall message.


Although you want your social media accounts to be engaging and interactive, you do not wish to overwhelm followers with too much content. In other words, a website is where you will present your church’s message in a very organized, structured, and clean manner. 


Presenting your church’s message neatly makes a website so essential in creating an effective digital marketing strategy.

3. You Need to Invest in Local Search

One of the most important reasons your church needs a digital marketing strategy is that you cannot be found online without one. Whether it be a search on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or another search engine, you will be hard to find if your church does not have a website or social media accounts. 


This will affect your church’s ministry efforts, as it will be hard for your church to reach new people who may be searching for your message to spread the gospel.


Moreover, if you are new to a location and don’t have any immediate connections to the local community, getting your church to the people will be even more difficult.


Many people do not know how to find a church nearby, and they do not know how to find a church they are interested in. Fortunately, your church’s website is one of the most important places they will go when looking to find a local church they can attend.


Because people are already searching for local churches, there are a lot of opportunities for your church to grow through local search.


Not to mention, Google offers a grant for 501-c3’s. Your church can get $10,000 in free Google ads with the Google Ads Grant. If you need help to get the Google ads grant, this is something we can help you with at ChurchCandy


Your church must implement a digital marketing strategy to stay relevant in the digital frontier. Don’t miss out on any opportunity for your small church to grow in the digital age!


Here at ChurchCandy, we help pastors get new guests with digital marketing. You can schedule a free strategy session that allows you to learn more about our methods and determine if it is a good fit for you and your ministry. Contact us today!

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