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Practical Strategies to Increase the Growth of Your Church

The best ways for a small church to grow are ones that the church and its members have chosen together. Effective procedures must be developed with the church’s leaders and its community in mind. 

Most churches have a “mission statement” or declaration of their beliefs. This allows the church’s leaders to devise plans so it can grow. While it may not be a straightforward set of rules, it can be used as guidelines to listen to modern suggestions on improving the community’s approach.

In this article, we’ll share some practical strategies you can use to grow your church.

A Church Must Have a Welcoming Atmosphere

A welcoming and appealing atmosphere is needed for a church to thrive. Churches that have become soulless due to neglect or a lack of interest by the members can be made welcoming to newcomers. 

By inviting these people, a church can be made to feel warm and inviting.

It’s a Good Idea to Build a Solid Community

Nothing works better than showcasing a vibrant community where members are actively encouraged to participate. The church will cease to exist if it does not expand into a thriving neighborhood. Members will start looking for other locations to join if it stops growing, which implies no growth. 

Every church pastor knows the value of growth. If a church doesn’t grow, it won’t survive. God does not promise that a church will grow, but He does will that it does.  The responsibility for growth falls on the pastor and his congregation. They must achieve the spiritual maturity that leads to individual and collective development. 

Christianity is about personal spiritual growth. However, it’s difficult to achieve personal growth without first-hand experience with the process, so churches must understand why people are uninterested in participating in their services and do what is necessary to attract new members to their congregations.

Church Leaders Must Do a Better Job of Shepherding the Flock

A mature leader is secure and happy, believes in their message, and knows how to communicate it effectively. Nobody is born a great leader; they grow into one. 

A leader has a vision that unites people into a team. The most effective way to achieve church growth is to take advantage of what has been learned in the past and apply proven principles.

Christian churches must develop a sense of urgency about their mission in the world. The congregation must understand that they share a common purpose of making Jesus Christ their Lord and Master. 

Churches must reach out and make new friends. They must share their faith with their friends and acquaintances and give them opportunities to consider the Christian message. They must encourage teenagers to convey the meaning of their faith to their peers.

You Can Always Find a Way to Reach More People

There is always room for improvement. Communication is the key to new growth. 

Some churches haven’t been involved with their communities because they don’t realize they need to. Churches must be active in the community and make themselves available to help others. People like to attend a church that is visible in its community.

Every church must develop a vision of the future. Churches can usually count on a small percentage of their members to invest in their future. 

Those who stay rooted in the past will have a limited view of the future. For this reason, the pastor and church members must have a shared vision for the future.


The growth of a church is a spiritual journey that takes discipline and steadfastness. There is no one formula for church growth.  However, some things can make church growth easier. Churches must learn to be more inclusive and focused. 

They must learn how to network. They also need to develop practical communication skills. This is why It’s essential to remember that setting aside your differences and working toward the common good of the congregation is a great mindset to have.

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