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Producing Engaging Church Content without Spending a Fortune

The growth of social media has given churches incredible marketing options. These platforms help showcase what is special about your church and its culture and are a great method to spread the word about forthcoming activities.

Unfortunately, each social media platform demands a lot of attention and material. You would still find it difficult to keep up with the potential and demand even if you hired a full-time employee whose sole responsibility was to design and create updates, posts, and tweets. 

Here are some recommendations for better engagement using the free features of social media.

Fresh Content

Adding some historical quotes and events to your timeline is insufficient. You require new material. But once more, coming up with it shouldn’t take a lot of your time, money, or effort. Here are a few ideas for interesting content with a good return on investment.

Repurposed Material

Utilizing the materials you are already producing in new ways is one of the simplest methods to create a ton of content with little work. Here are a few ideas to get your imagination going, but don’t stop there. 

Consider how you can reuse the other things you produce by taking a look at what you already produce.

Memorable Quotes

Are there any passages from the message from last Sunday that stick out as being very encouraging or thought-provoking? Take them out and share them on Facebook or Twitter. You can also use them on Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat with very little help from a designer.

Announcements and Bulletins

Your staff compiles weekly reports about all the fun things you have going on, such as concerts, events, conferences, and get-togethers. This content doesn’t need to be rewritten for other platforms, saving you time.

Impactful Videos

You shouldn’t feel compelled to hire experienced videographers, regardless of whether you’re running your own YouTube channel or require films for Facebook and Instagram. Uncut daily moments can make for some of the most captivating video content.


It’s simpler than ever to record and share the inspiring stories in your church that other people need to hear. 

Therefore, make a quick video about it to share with your followers whenever a member of your staff learns an exciting tale about what God is doing in a church member’s life.

Youth Group Engagement

Kids in youth groups are the best people to ask about what performs well on social media. They have a keen eye for moments worthy of Snapchat. Encourage the young people in your church to keep an eye out for amazing opportunities to take pictures and film. 

If they have any good ideas, ask them to submit them for approval to your social media manager.

Sunday School and Bible Studies

Church life places a high priority on education. You’re undoubtedly producing a seemingly limitless amount of engaging content that you can use on social media. The secret is to curate it properly. 

Not all Bible study sessions should be copied and pasted into a Facebook post. A passage from the Bible or a brief message on motivation followed by a provocative question generates a meaningful discussion. 

Also, more people view the posts each time someone leaves a comment.


Don’t be afraid to get creative! There are countless chances to create interesting content for your church. 

Get creative and think outside the box to come up with content that will resonate with your congregation. Remember, creating content they will enjoy doesn’t have to be expensive.

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