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Good Reasons Your Congregation Needs Church Advertising


If you want your church ministry to reach more people, you must go where they are. In today’s world, that means getting comfortable with social media. Since Internet users spend an average of nearly three hours online daily, church advertising may need to adapt if it desires to spread the Gospel of Christ to more people.

That said, if you don’t have the time or resources to commit to learning how to use social media, it’s time to consider hiring a social media coordinator for church advertising. Here are some good reasons for this approach:

They’ll Communicate With More People

Online communication can be tricky, and a social media professional can make a difference by knowing how to communicate online, so your words have the most significant impact. They will take your message and tailor it to fit different demographics. With a little strategy, they can reach out to a younger audience and make more people aware of your church.

They Excel with Different Media Types

Your coordinator won’t just tweet, share, and tag. They can generate different content to attract more attention and spread your message. This includes images and video. Visual content is incredibly effective in getting eyes on your church. Social posts that have an image increase engagement by 650 percent!

A social media coordinator can take photos of your sermons and events or create inspirational quote images for church members to share.

Their Skillset Can Benefit Church Advertising

Maybe you excel at writing your sermons, but you have trouble translating those sermons into blog posts. Or perhaps you’ve tried tweeting, only to find that 140 characters aren’t enough to say what you wanted.

A social media coordinator can help. Most are experienced writers and know their way around the complexities of each platform. They’ll translate your thoughts into quick, easy-to-digest posts and publish them where they’ll be most effective.

Your Coordinator Can Streamline Your Communication

Your social media coordinator can take on the posting duties that used to take up your late nights, and they can automate and streamline the entire process.

They can schedule your posts in advance, choosing times when they have the best chance of being seen.

Your Coordinator May Bring More Viewers to Your Sermons

A social media strategy aims to get more people in the pews every Sunday. But sometimes people can’t be there in person. That’s where your coordinator comes in.

Your coordinator can help you stream virtual sermons online or set up live events via Facebook. This way, your words can reach people all over the world.

Consider these five benefits if you’re on the fence about hiring a social media coordinator for your church. Of course, whether or not you can hire someone for this role depends on your church’s budget and size.

If you can’t hire a coordinator, delegate social media responsibilities to someone in your church who is tech-savvy and comfortable using various platforms. There are probably already young people in your congregation who are skilled at social media and can quickly learn what they don’t know.


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