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At ChurchCandy, we use a proven digital marketing strategy to get new families consistently visit your church. We don’t do any crazy instagram graphics or posts to get “engagement”. We just want to get new families walking showing up for a Sunday service. 

We have different packages based on your church’s needs, but our strategy stays the same; regardless of the platforms we’re using. 

We want to get guests to plan a visit to your church, by filling out a form online. We capture at least their name, email, and phone number – that we use to follow up with them, thanking them for planning a visit and reminding them about church that upcoming Sunday.  

Schedule a Free Discovery Call to learn more and figure out if this would be a good fit for you and your church. 

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Over the past 6 years, we have managed over $4 million in Facebook and Instagram ads. We use the latest strategies to ensure new families plan a visit to your church – and show up on Sunday.

Buying ads on Facebook and Instagram are one of the best ways to reach your community online. With an ad budget of $300-$900/month, we’ll be able to get up to 30-90 families planning a visit. Your community is on Facebook and Instagram, and you should be too!

Video Ads

One of the best ways to utilize ads on Facebook and Instagram are with Videos. We have found that video ads get more engagement than ads with just images. This is a great way to talk directly to your community, as well as build an audience that we can retarget with more ads

Image Ads

While videos ads are our favorite for churches on Facebook and Instagram, we try to always include some ads with still images as well. We utilize what we have coined as the “Shot Gun” strategy. This means we create multiple variations of ads where we split test videos/images, ad text, headlines, etc. 

Our CEO, Brady, even won a “Ninja Hack” award from a marketing group, Seven Figure Agency, for presenting our ad strategy that uses images on Facebook and Instagram.


We serve an omni-present God and we use an omni-present marketing strategy. Have you ever been searching for a product online, and then you kept seeing ads for that product across different social platforms? That’s Retargeting. 

With our Retargeting strategy, your church becomes “omni-present” across all relevant platforms. You’ll have new visitors say things like, “I knew Holy Spirit was calling me to this church, because everytime I turned around on Instagram I kept seeing you guys!”

We retarget people that watch your video ads, visit your website, and people that go to the landing page we send traffic to. This strategy is perfect for improving the show-rate of people that plan a visit to your church.

If your church is a 501c3, then you qualify the Google Ads Grant. This gets your church up to $10,000/month in free ads on Google. With this we can get up to an additional 1000+ website visits, without spending any money on ads. 

While the $10,000/month is great, it doesn’t mean anything if it’s not set up correctly and optimized. It’s becoming more and more common for churches to take advantage of this grant, so the market is only becoming more and more saturated. 

We will help you get the Google Ads Grant, as well as set up and manage your campaigns. We want to ensure you’re getting as much value as possible by getting as many families to plan a visit.

Google My Business/Google Business Profile

This is the the first organic result that Google shows. Often referred to as the 3 pack/maps listing, It includes your reviews, info about your church, address, and a link to your website.

Church’s Google Business Profile is one of the most overlooked aspects of digital marketing. By optimizing your GBP with relevant content, keywords and reviews; your church can organically be the first ranked listing on Google.

A Study by ____ showed that 80% of users on Google will check the GBP listings before going to a website. We make sure yours shows up in the top 3 to get more people to your websites, and then plan a visit for your Sunday service.

Search Engine Optimization

Are you getting enough organic website visitors? Does your church’s website show up when people in your town search “Church Near Me”? We make sure your website is optimized with relevant keywords, backlinks, etc. so your website shows up when people look for you. 

Personalized Automatic Follow-Up

We believe that how you follow-up determine if they’re going to show-up on Sundays. When someone plans a visit to your church, we build out an intuitive follow-up campaign with personalized text messages, voicemail-drops, and even selfie-videos to ensure a high show rate of people that planned a visit to your church. 

We build out your campaigns inside of your account. If you don’t have an account already, we’ll give you a promo code to get $100 off your church funnels monthly membership. This can replace an existing text/email platform you may use. Their mobile app makes it easy to text back and forth with people that planned a visit.

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