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Whether you’re launching with a church planting origination like ARC or CMN, or your launching a new campus for an existing church; we can help you grow. We even have special discounts for church plants.

At ChurchCandy, we use a proven digital marketing strategy to get new families for your new church. We don’t do any crazy Instagram graphics or posts to get “engagement”. We just want to get new families to join your launch team, or showing up for your Grand Opening service. 

We have different packages based on your church’s needs, but our strategy stays the same; regardless of the platforms we’re using. 

Schedule a Free Discovery Call to learn more and figure out if this would be a good fit for you and your church. 

Grow Your Launch Team

Depending where you are in your launch process, we can help you get new families on your launch team.

Interest Parties

If you’re doing start up or interest meetings, we can use Facebook and Instagram ads to fill those events with tons of potential new team members.

Coffee Meetings Lead Generation

One of the best way to connect with new potential launch team members is taking them out for coffee. We have a proven lead generation campaign for Facebook and Instagram ads that will get you potential launch team members wanting to grab coffee.

Fill Your Launch Service

Your Grand Opening Service is Huge! Rather than spending $10,000 on mailers, ads on Facebook and Instagram can get you better results for a fraction of the price. We use a mix of ads on Facebook and Instagram to get hundreds of new visitors at your grand opening service.

New Church Website

When you start a new church from scratch, it’s important to have a website that effectively delivers your message, and gives potential launch team members a way to get connected. We can help you make sure you have an attractive and effective website for your new church

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