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Social Media Wall Post Ideas for Churches

Every church in the world has the same goal as others – to grow their community. After all, the more people become active in the church’s activities, the livelier the community is. 

Social media platforms play a significant role in community building because people love being a part of online communities. Social media allow people to get connected anytime and anywhere they may be. 

With the right social media content, you can improve the experience of the member of your church and even those interested in belonging to your community. You can also enhance community engagement through social media walls. Here, let’s learn the basics of a social media wall for church marketing:

Social Media Wall for Churches

A social media wall refers to the real-time representation of content that church constituents create and post on social media platforms seen on digital screens. Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more, can be used. Typically, the user-generated content is in the form of videos, photos, and text. 

As a church, your social media wall can be used to broadcast prayers, conduct bible study, play daily devotions and sermons, share spiritual hymns and choir performances, and more. 

Because it allows user interaction, social media walls have significantly helped churches everywhere reach their objectives. Also, seeing real-time experiences on social media walls, interested people are encouraged to join the church.

How to Create a Social Media Wall for Your Church

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can create a social media wall for your church:

Step #1: Choose Your Connection Type

You can select the connection type you prefer for your social media wall. For instance, you can use social media content from various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others. Then, you can choose your connection type from hashtags, handles, and mentions. 

Step #2: Curate Your Social Content

Once you have gathered content from social media platforms using your connection type, you can curate them all and form an impressive social media wall. You can use social media aggregation tools to customize your social media wall. 

Step #3: Display Your Content

Once you’re done curating the content you’ve gathered, you can start displaying them on your social wall. 

How to Boost Church Community Engagement With the Use of a Social Wall

Every church needs to strengthen community engagement. To amplify yours, you can use these on your social wall:

Video Clips of Sermons

Video clips of sermons are among the most common content used on social media by churches, and it’s easy to see why. It is an effective way to get your community motivated all week. Your sermon video clips should focus on essential passages from a previous sermon that you want to instill in your audience. 

Sermon Quotes

Similarly, posting visuals of a sermon quote is an excellent way to get your community to reflect throughout the week. Upon publishing your sermon quote, don’t forget to ask your audience for comments and experiences they can share.

Upcoming Events in the Church

One way to raise awareness about your upcoming church events and get people excited about them is by promoting them on your social wall. You could make promotional videos and fun posters to spread the word about your event.

New Projects

You can generate interest and spark interest by sharing about upcoming projects. Additionally, your community will love getting updates about a project they’re excited about. This is also an excellent way to raise money and let donors know about the progress of the project they’re supporting.

Celebration of Members

It’s nice to feel recognized and celebrated, so it’s a good idea to recognize members of your church and celebrate what makes them special and valued members of the church. Whether they’ve graduated, volunteered for a church project, or had their birthday, it’s a good idea to highlight your church members regularly.


Creating a social media wall and filling it with content that people would be interested in can help you foster a great community in and out of your church. Your social wall can help make your congregation feel they’re part of a community and benefit from your services even if they cannot attend one in person. You can also use your wall to post church ads and promote projects, events, and bible study groups. Ultimately, a social media wall is an excellent means to connect your church with more people and bind your congregation stronger. 

ChurchCandy can help you create and maintain a social wall to help you achieve church growth through social media. Get in touch with ChurchCandy so we can discuss strategies with you!

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