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6 Strategies to Improve Your Church Social Media Presence

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Where do you even begin when planning your church’s social media plan for 2022?

With all the changes on social media and new platforms popping up, don’t allow the shiny-object syndrome to get the best of you and draw you away from your online purpose.

So you don’t become overwhelmed by all the complexities, let’s break down your Church’s Social Media Strategy into six actionable tips and how you can use them for your audience.

Let’s get this party started.

1. Post Daily

If you want to keep your church’s social media presence alive and well, you must be posting daily. That doesn’t mean that each post has to be long or super in-depth, but it does mean that you at least need to be present.

Your audience is active on social media, which means that you need to be too. But what should you post about? Here are a few ideas:

-A daily scripture

-An inspirational quote

-A short video from the pastor

-A photo of the church staff

-Upcoming events

-Highlights from recent events

-A testimony from a church member

-A blog post from the church website

2. Use Visuals

People are visual creatures, which means that they are more likely to engage with content that is eye-catching and easy on the eyes. In addition to posting daily, make sure that you are also using visuals in your posts.

This could be anything from photos and videos to infographics and memes. Get creative and have fun with it! But most importantly, make sure that your visuals are high quality and accurately depict your church’s brand.

3. Live Stream Services

If you’re not already live streaming your church services, now is the time to start. With so many people stuck at home, live streaming is the perfect way to reach those who are unable to physically attend services.

Not only that, but live streaming is also a great way to engage with your congregation. Viewers can interact with each other in the comments section and even make donations through the platform.

4. Engage With Your Audience

Engagement is key when it comes to social media success. If you want people to pay attention to your church’s social media pages, you need to be engaging with them regularly.

This could mean anything from responding to comments and questions to sharing user-generated content. No matter what, ensure you are taking the time to interact with your audience. They will appreciate it and, in turn, be more likely to support your church.

5. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to reach new people and grow your church’s social media following. When used correctly, hashtags can help you connect with like-minded individuals who might be interested in what your church has to offer.

Research and find out which hashtags are used most frequently in your industry. Then, start using those hashtags in your own posts. Just ensure you’re not using too many, as that can come across as spammy.

6. Run Social Media Contests

Who doesn’t love a good contest? Social media contests are a great way to increase engagement and reach new people. They also allow you to get creative and have fun with your church’s social media presence.

When running a contest, make sure that the prize is something that your target audience would actually want. Also, be sure to promote the contest ahead of time and extend the deadline if necessary. And last but not least, don’t forget to announce the winner!


Maintaining resilience and success in your church might be difficult at times, but one thing is certain: using the best online church marketing methods this year is a wise investment.

The deeper you understand your target audience’s demands and preferences, the better prepared and adaptive you will be. Always consider your overall goals and use them as a guiding framework for increasing your church’s sustainability and outreach.

If you’re looking for a Christian marketing agency to grow your presence on social media, ChurchCandy can help! We help pastors grow their church with Facebook ads. Before we start helping you get new visitors to your church; we want to get to know you and let you get to know us. We understand that not every church is a good fit for this program. The strategy session is an opportunity for you to learn more about this process and figure out if this would be a good fit for you and your ministry. Schedule a call today!

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