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5 Outstanding Strategies to Effectively Market Your Church

Social media has been a great help for many churches. Thanks to these platforms, churches can now reach people from all over the world.  Social media allows churches to reach many people, promote, and make announcements. However, it must be handled with the right amount of care and precision.

Here are the top five outstanding church marketing strategies you can try:

1. Use the Right Social Media Platforms

Some churches focus on one platform. It is great if the platform used is the best for that church. 

Many social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, and Snapchat, are excellent. Each platform has different strengths and weaknesses. 

Some platforms work great for some churches, while other churches work best with different platforms. This is why a church should not use only one platform. A church should focus on the platforms that its church uses best.

Research is the best way to determine which platforms are best for a church. A church can use Google Analytics to help them see what sites people visit. A church can find popular sites with their congregation by seeing what people share on social media.

2. Be Consistent

Social media is meant to reach many people, and many individuals use it to connect and share. Share consistently. 

People will get bored and look for something else to do if they don’t use social media often. This is why people have a more challenging time finding a church when it isn’t consistent on social media.

The best way to keep up with social media is to have someone new post. This can be a social media-related part-time job at the church. 

The person who posts on social media should always post, and they should always post different kinds of content. This promotes the social media page.

3. Be Personal

Being yourself is what social media is all about. By uploading photos, churches may make their social media feel more personal. 

Pictures are easy to understand and add a more personal touch to social media. Personal stories make a church’s social media page more engaging. People who see a church as “genuine” will want to join.

A church can make its social media page stand out by sharing personal stories. People want to follow a page that is different from others. Every post from a church should be about a person.

4. Use Interactive Content

Many people use social media for entertainment because they like to be entertained. Because of this, churches need to be entertaining. 

Churches can have fun and tell jokes on social media. Everyone should get involved with the joke.  To avoid appearing too formal, post a funny video once in a while.

A church can also engage its audience with interactive content. A church can post a question asking people their opinion, but it should get people involved in the church. It is essential to keep people interested in staying on social media.

5. Use Social Media as a Landing Page

A church should post information and a link to their church. People need to be able to find the church quickly.

Some churches are afraid of their social media page being too commercial. If a church is posting marketing material on social media, people will not follow it. This is why it requires your social media must have a balanced amount of content.

People need to know that a church is taking advantage of social media. If a church is posting products and other commercial information on social media, people will follow it. 


Many churches are investing in social media, and they must use the right platforms to stay consistent with their community. Churches should use social media as a tool, which you should use to benefit the church. 

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