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7 Helpful Tips for Local Churches on Using Social Media

A church’s social media strategy should include different ways for current and potential church members to talk to the church. The website should feature news and other interesting postings that visitors from different sections of the church could like. These are necessary to continue a dialogue with its community.

A church blog can be updated often to inform members and guests. This can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and more. These sites let users comment on content, give feedback, and contact church members and leaders. Users can share page information with friends and followers, increasing its reach. 

Since these social media platforms have their own rules, it’s vital to understand how churches should navigate them.

Here are seven social media tips local churches should follow:

1. Try to Stay Relevant and Engaging

Not being annoying on social media is important if you want people to return to your page often. Users may only visit the page to learn about church events, so make it engaging. 

You can upload previews of upcoming events, presentations, and other items to keep the website interesting and informative.

2. Make It Easy for Members to Connect

A church’s social media page can be a valuable tool in engaging members and those who may not be part of the church. Encourage them to share their own content and opinions on the page. 

This can make the page more personal and increase the level of engagement. A church Facebook page can be a great way for church members to connect and for churchgoers to communicate.

3. Encourage People to Take Part

The church’s social media page can offer various opportunities for church members to get involved. For example, the page can offer users a chance to post their favorite Bible verses or their favorite worship songs. 

These posts may offer valuable insights into each person’s personality and interests. The page can also offer competitions and prizes for those who share insightful posts. This creates an inclusive and safe environment for users to post their thoughts and opinions about the church.

4. Provide a Variety of Content

Social media posts should be interesting and rewarding for users to share. Content such as inspirational quotes and short videos or articles can be helpful. 

The page should also include information about church activities and a section for questions and comments. This also gives the page’s administrators the chance to interact with users.

5. Assign a Clear Goal

Before creating social media pages, it is important to outline the page’s main objectives. 

What do you want users to do when they arrive at the page? What kind of content do you want them to post? Do you want them to comment and share posts? 

By defining the page’s objectives, you can focus your social media strategy to meet the goals.

6. Use Dialogue to Promote Interaction

Social media is an efficient way for members or churchgoers to communicate with each other, and a church’s social media page can encourage this. Users can ask questions about the church and the church’s teachings. 

This can allow the church to learn more about its members and their thoughts and clarify its position on various issues. This is an effective way to encourage users to interact with the church.

7. Make the Page Easy to Share

For a church’s social media page to be effective, users need to share the page’s content. The page should make it easy for users to share its posts on other social media platforms. 

This also makes the page’s content more visible to users who are not following the page.


Social media allows users to connect and interact with each other and with local churches. Churches can use social media to communicate with followers, members, and people who may not yet be part of the church. 

These pages can encourage churchgoers to share their opinions and allow churches to learn what their members and followers think about their beliefs. With a good social media strategy and a variety of content, a church’s social media page can be a powerful tool for promoting the church and raising awareness about various issues.

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