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Qualities to Look for in a Church Social Media Manager

There is no secret recipe for selecting the ideal candidate to manage your church’s social media networks. Social media is a distinctive kind of communication that calls for commitment and imagination. A person could fit in well with one church yet do horribly in another.

Communicators on social media need to be able to do much more than just sign in to Facebook. They must be able to speak with a variety of people and possess effective communication skills.

Role of a Social Media Manager

Implementing a marketing strategy is a social media manager’s first responsibility. These tactics are frequently temporary because of how quickly things move in the social sphere. Most businesses examine their operations every ninety days. 

Plans differ, but they frequently start with deciding who the target audience is and creating a content calendar.

Below are a few traits you should be on the watch for in a church social media manager when your church is ready to do that crucial communication job.

Understands Your Core Values 

This is a crucial quality that your leadership team should be on the lookout for. The individual you choose to run your church’s social media accounts will serve as its public face. The trick to utilizing social media effectively is being able to convey your organization’s beliefs, mission, and tone.  

Spend some time educating your new employee about your church. Don’t just bring on a social media expert from outside without giving them some time to get to know your church as a whole. 


At first, managing social media accounts for a church may seem overwhelming. You might be generating a pin for your new sermon series while simultaneously writing a tweet about your new sermon series. Managing social media sites effectively requires multitasking and setting priorities.


Creative people are not necessarily good communicators. The ability to write a strong sermon or speak persuasively in front of others does not guarantee success on social media. 

Someone who can deliver a story in a number of formats, such as pictures, quick tweets, or videos, is considered a creative communicator. A skilled social media manager can think of fresh ways to communicate and present your narrative in various ways. 


Your social media manager should have the flexibility to publish and interact with users from any place at any time. Hiring someone who is ignorant of mobile technology or still uses a flip phone makes little sense in today’s mobile-friendly environment.  

The finest social media managers are those who recognize that their position is not quite a standard 9–5 job. 

Make sure you convey the expectations and are willing to comprehend the time it takes outside the office to make social happen for your church when your team is ready to make this hire.


The ultimate objective for churches is not to have a large social media following. Social networking is merely a means of connecting with members of the community who you might otherwise never have the opportunity to meet. 

The success of your church on social media depends on having someone who understands and practices this. Never mix numbers with genuine success on social media as a leader. 

ChurchCandy provides the church social media manager best fit for your organization. We help pastors grow their churches with Facebook ads. 

Schedule a strategy session today to get an opportunity to learn more about our process and assess whether or not we are a perfect candidate for you and your ministry.

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