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7 Church Marketing Strategies to Create A Successful Event

Promoting your church’s special event to everyone who might be interested in attending or otherwise participating is essential. 

Because church events frequently aren’t simply for congregation members, you should publicize the event to a wide range of potential guests. Use the marketing techniques outlined below and work with a Christian marketing company to draw more people to upcoming church events.

Publicize Events By Using Online Event Calendars

Because many people use the Internet to identify local events to attend, it is a good idea to promote your church’s events on websites like Eventbrite.com or Brown Paper Tickets. 

Another suggestion is to use regional event directories that let neighborhood associations freely list events.

Promote the Event On The Church Website

Be cautious when promoting any unique events your church has planned online. This method of event promotion may draw search engine traffic and point non-members to your church’s website in addition to reaching churchgoers. 

If the church offers a lot of events, you could wish to establish an events tab with a live list of church activities. 

Send An Email With The Event Promotion

Send an email Christian marketing piece that is only focused on promoting the upcoming event to the whole church database. 

Distribute to everyone, not just current members. Utilize your whole database, which should include current members and visitors to the church, website information requesters, former members, and potential attendees of events the church has previously sponsored.

Share Events On The Church’s Social Media Platforms

Social media presence is essential for churches. If the church has social media identities and accounts, post announcements about upcoming activities frequently. This can involve posting details about the event, a call to action, and images of flyers or postcards utilized as promotional materials. Include links to websites where people can purchase tickets or make seating arrangements, if necessary.

Encourage People To Share News Via Social Media

If you post something on your organization’s social media pages, only individuals who are already somehow connected to your church will see it. Even though it’s important, you should also let people know about the event. Send a request to congregation members asking them to promote the event you want to promote on their social media sites.

Advertisements At Local Businesses

Print some promotional posters and display them in surrounding businesses. A church official can contact or go to businesses in the neighborhood of the church that has a lot of foot traffic and requests that they hang a poster on their doors, windows, or notice boards. 

Nearby restaurants and stores will be happy to help with event promotion as they probably get a lot of business from churchgoers.

Distribute Brochures On Windshields While Receiving Services

Have youth group members enter the parking lot while the church is in session and dispense two or three flyers under each vehicle’s windshield wipers. Mention this to the congregation during the sermon announcements and ask everyone to pass out flyers to persons they know who might be interested in coming to the event.


Depending on the type of event, churches might use special occasions to interact with their current members, attract new members, or generate revenue. Church digital marketing such humanitarian events don’t have to be difficult or expensive. Each piece above of advice is an inexpensive or free kind of guerrilla marketing. You may generate even more options by asking churchgoers for free marketing suggestions.

With Facebook ads, we assist pastors in expanding their congregations. We want to get to know you and let you know us before we start assisting you in bringing new people to your church. We are aware that not all churches are suitable for this program. You get to learn more about this procedure at the strategy session and determine whether it would suit you and your ministry. Grow your church with church digital marketing strategies today!

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