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Here’s How You Create Effective Ads for Your Church

A lot of churches are now utilizing advertising to get people to come to visit and attend their houses of worship. However, because it is a fairly new strategy for churches, some may have difficulties in learning how to create effective ads.

With that, others just create whatever ads they can, not even realizing that they are wasting their time. Don’t worry though, as we will help you get through this. In this article, we will help you create effective ads for your church. Just follow our tips below.

1. Make Sure You Are Targeting the Right Audience

Before you ever create ads for your church, you need to be 100% positive that you are targeting the right people. There is nothing worse than creating ads that don’t hit the target. As we’ve mentioned, there’s no sense in creating ads if they are not directed at the right crowd.

While it is true that the church is a community that is welcome to everyone, some audiences may be a better target than others. The best way to approach this is to analyze your church and its programs. If you have special activities for kids or you advocate for single moms, then you have found your target audience.

2. Utilize Google My Business

If you’ve already done your research, then you already know that Google My Business is the most important tool for many establishments, including churches. This platform is crucial for your success because it will allow you to get your name out there.

One of the most invaluable things that you can use with Google My Business is to add a location. By adding the contact information, specifically the location of your church, you are narrowing down your target audience. Plus, many people usually like to localize their search. And with a specific location on Google My Business, your church is bound to appear when someone makes a search for a church within the area.

3. Build Your Marketing Funnel

Getting people interested in your church through the ad is excellent but it does not stop there. It is only the first step in the marketing funnel that you have to build. From the ad, you can lead them to become a part of the mailing list where you can reach out to them directly about services, activities, and whatnot.

Having direct contact with your audience is a great way to put your church out there. They will be more likely encouraged to attend your church’s service and activities if they have an idea of what it consists of, which you can show via email.

4. Use Social Media

The idea of a church on social media may seem funny to some, but we are no longer in those days where social media is highly limited. Anyone and anything can be on social media and there is nothing wrong with using it for your church.

We recommend that you use Facebook and Instagram so you can create visuals and graphics to invite people to go to your church. It will also be easier to post announcements about activities and such through social media platforms.


With these tips, we hope that you will be able to create effective ads for your church. However, if you still have a hard time, don’t be afraid to seek help from people who are a lot more experienced than you in this area.

If you need help with church advertising, you can reach out to us at ChurchCandy. We will help you expand your reach mainly through Facebook Ads. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services.

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