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3 Simple Methods That Can Get You Free Advertising on Google

If you’ve thought about using free advertising, it’s generally not the best option. This is because other businesses have already established what does and does not attract customers. Therefore, you should try this form of promotion to assess your current SEO standing.

 Where Can I Find Free Google Advertising?

This is only a taste of the many resources available to help you understand how to use the internet to make money, including Google’s AdWords program, which offers accessible business advertising. Knowing how to advertise your church on Google is essential if you want to use the search engine effectively.

Listed below are three simple strategies you can use.

1. Go on Forums

Forums are another great resource for finding out how to get free Google ads. Many people will always be willing to offer advice and assistance in these communities. You can discover a lot about affiliate marketing and how to quickly become involved in the discussions if you can convince them to join your thread.

Remember that you should take advantage of the forum members who have learned the most from their participation. There’s a chance they’ll have insight and advice you haven’t considered. In this way, your efforts will be slightly more efficient.

  • Maximize the benefits of forum participation.

To discover how to receive free advertising and how much Google Ads costs, you should go to the forums prepared with a list of questions you want to be answered. The goal is to learn as much as possible. Therefore you should approach this methodically.

Forums are fantastic since they provide access to numerous discussions on various topics. As a result, you can ensure that you are well-versed on the subject and engage in conversations that will point you in the correct direction regarding online marketing for your organization. 

The best course of action is to be open to receiving assistance and considering the advice of others. You can discover as much as possible in this manner.

2. Do some Content Writing

Churches can benefit most from using Google Ads by writing about something people are interested in. There are several articles covering virtually any topic imaginable.

However, you may do better by selecting a less conventional route. If you could include something that would generate a lot of interest and clicks to your website, that would be great.

You might as well get something extra if you can persuade people to read articles you’ve written on the subject. People are more likely to obey the advice of those around them.

Since they expect to receive more information, they will be more willing to offer you their email address. When you have their email address, you can send them to your website via a link in an email. They’ll take whatever you can give them, and they’ll go to any lengths to buy from you.

3. The Value of Backlinks

Suppose you want to stay competitive, though. In that case, you’ll need to find other ways to boost site visitors and encourage people to click on your affiliate links. In this context, “link exchanges” refers to one of these strategies.

Since Google is among the most popular search engines, you might already be familiar with it. You should now appreciate the significance of having high-quality inbound connections to your site. No one will ever find your website unless other sites link to it. 

  • So, what exactly is a backlink?

A backlink is additional advertising that will raise your site’s position in search engine results pages. People will be inclined to visit your site after clicking on this link.

Therefore, to encourage people to part with their email addresses in exchange for an affiliate link, the affiliate link itself should be of value to the recipient. 


Free Google advertising and promotion can be attained through backlinks, article or content creation, and forum participation. In their own ways, each of these strategies can boost traffic and awareness for your brand and website.

ChurchCandy provides advertising for churches to aid pastors in expanding their congregations. At our strategy session, you’ll get the details you need to determine if this method is right for you and your ministry. Please contact us to set up a call to discuss ways to expand your church’s reach.

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