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How to Thrive and Grow as a Church Amid the Pandemic

The pandemic has upended our lives beyond all our expectations. For a long while, we couldn’t eat at restaurants, go to gyms, watch sports live, work or study on-site, or even visit family and friends. More importantly, it took away regular church gatherings. 

So how can a church thrive and continue to grow amid the ongoing worldwide pandemic? Is there a way for churches to flourish amid these challenging times? 

The pandemic may not have a pause button, but so does the church. Jesus has anointed us to “go,” not stop, in demonstrating Jesus’ love.

So, here are five effective ways to maintain church growth throughout this health crisis:

1. Continue to Meet

Although it may appear obvious, every local church should continue to assemble to “motivate one another to acts of love and good works.” (Hebrews 10:24 NLT).  

For areas that have stringent social distancing policies, you can continue meeting even if online. More than ever, increase your church’s ability to adapt modern communication technologies to keep the church connected amid trying times. 

Many apps, platforms, and other online services and tools enable us to reach more individuals than ever. So, embrace the camera as part of your calling, despite lacking a live audience.

2. Don’t Despise the Process

It will take time to recuperate from COVID-19’s effects. It may take a year or two to thoroughly assess where your church stands in terms of attendance. This is why it is vital to value the process and resist giving up during this time.

If your church is now permitted to assemble physically, plan carefully when you return. You may need to do fewer services first. Rushing into 100 percent of your pre-pandemic operations can overwhelm your volunteers, which is something you don’t want. 

3. Go Big on Digital 

When Paul and the other apostles wished to convey instruction or encouragement to local churches but couldn’t, they sent letters. Many of these letters are now in the New Testament. These leaders learned to modify their methods to what worked at the time.

With children’s ministry nearly extinct, youth groups on hiatus, and small groups frequently limited to shortened Zoom meetings, now is the moment to embrace digital resources. 

For instance, digitize those lessons, worksheets, and activities designed for face-to-face children’s services. Parents will appreciate the ability to do them alongside their children. 

Keep innovating and stay updated with the latest digital tools you can use. Begin with a need, and then look for digital opportunities to meet that need. 

4. Concentrate on Church Growth

When your church started, you most likely worked hard to increase attendance. You understood that church development did not occur by chance. Therefore you spend time and money inviting your friends and neighbors to events. 

It is time to re-emphasize these actions. It will be critical for your church to commit the time, energy, and resources necessary for church growth. Don’t be discouraged from doing outreach. Do it on all age levels you are targeting to keep people informed about your church, gather new leads, and eventually turn visitors into members.

5. Advertise Church Events 

It’s not enough to host events or start a new sermon series. Your church should invite people from the area to your events, whether online or onsite. You can send mailers, door hangers, paper invitation cards, or online ads. Online advertising is one of the best ways to reach as many local people as possible on a small budget.

If your church plans a community event, make sure you put money in your budget for online advertising. Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other relevant platforms can be avenues for your church ads. 


Churches nowadays are in uncharted territory, and there are no easy solutions. However, this is also a chance for every pastor to emphasize outreach and community involvement. There are also many ways for a church to adapt, like the ones mentioned above. The goal is to keep the church thriving so that more and more people keep hearing about the Good News, especially in these challenging times.

You need effective church growth strategies that bring people continuously to your church. ChurchCandy understands this importance, so we aim to partner with churches and help them grow with church-centered advertising. We can help you with web and social media ads that communicate, connect, and convert, so your church becomes a top-of-mind name in your area.

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